Q: Can it control how long my children spend watching Minecraft Videos?
A: You can set time limits for how long your children spend online, yes. However, you cannot specify a length of time for a single category of YouTube videos. We plan to add per-site and per-app time limits in the future

Q: As an adult, can I still view restricted sites?
Yes, stay on your existing network and it is unchanged. If you share devices, you will be able to enter a PIN code to go into “Unrestricted Mode”.

Q: Does KoalaSafe replace my existing modem/router?
A: No, KoalaSafe plugs into your existing router and creates a new wireless network. We plan to release a combined modem/router in the future.

Q: Do I need to install anything on my tablets, phone or computer?
A: No, KoalaSafe works out of the box and you can make any changes using the management web page. However, there is a companion smartphone app for additional features such as one-click “Turn Internet Off”.

Q: Can I block or unblock a specific site?
A: Yes.

Q: Does KoalaSafe make my children's browsing insecure or less secure?
A: No, never. We want to create a safe, healthy Internet for kids, not expose them to any extra danger. We do not interfere with any Internet safety measures such as the encryption used to ensure your sensitive data (SSL/TLS).

Q: Will it work in my country?
Yes! The unit plugs into your home router using the ethernet cable, which is the same around the world. We also stock US, UK, Europe and Australian power adapters and will include the appropriate one based on your shipping country.

Q: What is your returns policy?
We offer 30 days for change of mind and 1 year for hardware