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Table of Contents
  1. Setup
  2. Using the App
  3. Technical Information
  4. Ports and Switches

KoalaSafe Setup Manual

Plugging In

Follow the Quick Reference Card:


  1. Plug the power adapter into the wall
  2. Plug the USB into the power adapter and the micro-usb into the KoalaSafe
  3. Plug the ethernet cable from the WAN port of the KoalaSafe to one of the LAN ports of your home router
  4. You should start to see the lights come on according to the guide below
Tip: It can take up to 5 minutes on first boot for the
  KoalaSafe to self configure and phone home.

What do the lights mean?

Powering on
System check
KoalaSafe connecting
KoalaSafe is powering up. It takes about 60 seconds.
KoalaSafe is preparing to start.
KoalaSafe is connecting to the cloud
From the left to right (in above image) the lights are Router Connection (WAN), Ethernet Connection (LAN) and the red light is WIFI. If the light is on then a cable is connected (or for WIFI it means it is on), if it is flashing then communication on that connection is occurring.
KoalaSafe has lost its connection to the internet. This can happen if there is a temporary drop in your internet service. If it has not connected within 60 seconds check all cables and ensure your internet service is working.
KoalaSafe is upgrading its firmware, change made in the app maybe delayed whilst this occurs.

Install the Apps

KoalaSafe is controlled by your smartphone or tablet. An easy-to-use app can be downloaded from google play or the app store

Don't have a smartphone? No problem. You can control your KoalaSafe using the web app at

Create an account

Installed the app? Great! Now create an account. Just hit "Create account" from the login screen and enter an email address and password (one that the kids won't guess!)

Login screen

After you login for the first time, you'll be presented the pairing screen.


This is the most techy part of setup - but fear not! It's easy. You just need to pair your app to your KoalaSafe box.

Pair screen

Simply click "Pair" to get the process started. If all goes well, you'll see the green-tick of joy and you're now ready to move on.

Problems pairing?

For the technically minded, what's happening is your phone is sending a multicast request to http://koala.local. The KoalaSafe listens for pairing requests at that address.

If the app fails to pair, there are some things to try:

  1. Check the KoalaSafe lights are on as per the section above.
  2. Check you're connected to Wifi (not just on 3G/4G).
  3. If you are, try connecting to the Koala network instead (just until you pair). Once you've changed to the Koala wifi, just click Pair again.
  4. Have a look for any unusual firewall restrictions on your home router, such as DOS protection or anything that might block a multicast request.
  5. Still no luck? Have a look on, someone may have the same router as you and posted a solution.
  6. Still having problems. Don't worry, email and we'll use our super-nerd-powers to get you up and running.

Set the WIFI password

This is the password you'll give your kids and guests to use the KoalaSafe network.

Final steps

  1. Change your home wifi password, so the kids can't simply rejoin it and bypass your KoalaSafe setup.
  2. Join your kids' devices to the KoalaSafe network.

Using the App

OK, so the first screen you'll see is the home Home screen which lists the profiles you've setup. Initially, this will just show "Everyone Else", which is the default profile.

A profile is a group of devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. If you have kids around the same age, and want them to have the same schedule and access to the same type of sites, you might create a profile like Young Kids.

Profile Screen

Profile Screen

To create a profile

  1. Tap the + in the top right of the screen.
  2. Enter the name
  3. Enter the youngest child's age1
  4. Choose an icon.

To edit or delete a profile

  1. Swipe left on the profile name2
  2. Choose "Edit" or "Delete"

Swipe Left

Once you've created it, tap Devices to allocate the phones, tablets and laptops you want to control with this profile.

Tip: If a device says "unknown", try restart it to have its
  proper name show up


To setup a schedule, tap Schedule. To add some time when your kids can access the internet, tap the + in the top right.

Choose your start and end time, as well as which days this time applies to. For example, you might setup 4pm-6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.3



The schedule you setup applies to the devices in this profile.

Temporary Time Extensions

There's always a button under the current status to make temporary changes. For example, if the internet is off, it will show "Extend Time...", if you need to give your kids another 15mins for example.

If the internet is off, it will show "Restrict time...", if you want to turn it off for a while just this once, without changing the schedule.

Restrict button on profile page

App and Site Blocking

To setup app and site blocking, tap "App and Site Blocking". You'll be presented with a list of categories. Toggle to the right "so it's blue/on" to allow that type of content. For example, moving the Games toggle to 'on', will allow the devices in this profile to access game websites and apps.

For categories with a small arrow:

Category with profiles

You can tap to see individual sites and apps that have been categorised. For example, in Games, you can individually allow or block Steam or Minecraft. Check out Social Media too, it has quite a few App Profiles setup so you can allow Instagram, but block Facebook for example.


Usage lets you see which sites/apps the devices in this profile use the most. It's helpful to understand where your kids spend time and start a conversation when necessary.

Big Red Button

The Big Red Button is to shut down the internet for all the profiels on the KoalaSafe network (except those in parent mode). Think of it as the real life pepper shaker for those that have seen video.

When you press the big red button, the internet goes off. When you press it again, everything reverts to the schedule.

Big red button

Parent Mode

Parent mode removes all the restrictions on a profile - both the schedule and the blocking, plus usage won't be collected.

Parent mode is designed to allow for you to share devices. For example, if you share an iPad, then after the kids go to bed, you might enable parent mode for 2 hours to use for yourself, and then it will revert back.

Parent mode also helps with trouble shooting apps or sites.


You won't typically need to change settings once you're all setup. This screen has all the options for things like changing emails or passwords, viewing this help, resetting the router etc.

Tip: You can control KoalaSafe from anywhere! You don't need to be on
  your nework.

Technical Information


KoalaSafe is a layer 2 Wireless Access Point and Switch (also known as a "bridge"), devices connected to the KoalaSafe are on the same network as your main router. It does not provide DHCP services.


The KoalaSafe takes control of DNS for all devices connected to it irrespective of the devices settings. This is a required part of our filtering and as such it is not compatible with other services that take control of DNS such as OpenDNS, Live Parental Controls or a local DNS server. If you currently use a local DNS Server we suggest you have a look at installing an mDNS (Bonjour/ZeroConf/Avahi) Service on your network.

Required Outbound Ports

The KoalaSafe Companion app can control your KoalaSafe from anywhere not just when at home. To do this the KoalaSafe talks to our cloud servers and requires the following outbound ports to be open TCP 443, 23447 and UDP 514 This will be the case unless you run special firewall software on your network. In order to ensure the time is correct for schedules it also makes use of NTP on port 123

Ports and switches

The back of the KS150N has two network ports and one power port:

  • WAN Plug the ethernet cable from this port to a "LAN" port of your home router
  • LAN You can plug hardwired devices or a switch into this to give cabled devices the same protection as wireless ones
  • Power You plug the micro-USB power cable into this
Back of device Back of the device The side of the KS150N as 4 features:

  • USB The USB port is reserved for future use.
  • Reset Resets the device. To FACTORY RESET, hold down for 10 seconds and wait for the device to re-initialize. This takes 3-5 minutes. Only factory reset on advice from KoalaSafe support
  • Switch This is reserved for future use.
  • Ventilation This is ventilation only, not a fan. The KoalaSafe is a low power device and doesn't require fan cooling.
Back of device Side of the device
Back to top

  1. The age is just for defaults. For example, Facebook will be disabled by default for kids under 13. You can leave it blank if you'd like to setup the defaults yourself. 

  2. This is how you edit/delete most things in the app - swipe left to see your options. 

  3. The "right" amount of screen time is a personal choice. Government and medical recommendations vary by country and families all have different styles. Just choose what feels right. If you find later it's too strict or too loose, just come in and edit it.