KoalaSafe and Curbi

We are often asked:

"So, KoalaSafe protects my kids at home, but what about when they go out? Can KoalaSafe follow the phone?"

We are delighted to announce that KoalaSafe has partnered with Curbi to offer internet parental controls outside of the home!

KoalaSafe takes care of network access in the home. This includes mobile devices and every other possible way your kids access the internet - laptops, desktops, Smart TVs, Apple TVs, XBoxes, PlayStations and more.

Curbi does the things that only it can do - content filtering outside of the home (using the Internet Filter) and app blocking on all mobile devices so that your child isn't playing Angry Birds into the wee small hours of the night.

Curbi Safe Networks

In support of the partnership, curbi has developed the Safe Networks feature, whichlets you recognize a Wi-Fi network as safe. When any of your iOS devices on curbi join a Safe Network, the curbi Internet Filter switches off. This hands off content filtering to the Wi-Fi network, which improves performance and saves on cellular data usage. Perfect!

Do you want to extend screen time limits, filtering and usage outside of the home?