Since our launch dozens of blogs, technology and parenting sites have taken KoalaSafe for a test drive.

You can find a few of them below:

We've had some great quotes over the years from customers. "You've saved my life" etc. etc. Here's one of our favourites from one of our buyers.

We have a 14 year old, twin 13 year olds and twin 12 year olds. I am a busy trial attorney and my husband is a professional golfer. Until now we have struggled with how to regulate screen time. We tried BOB but the kids just unplugged it. And, to all of you parents who say 'just don't let them do that" I say, right, until you walk in my shoes you can't understand. They did it anyway. To overindulged children it is difficult to take everything away.

Anyway after lots of searching I found Koala. To put it briefly, it has saved my parenting life. Now, the kids know what the schedule is. I can give them "5 minutes more" and mean it. I can cut them off instantly if the nanny calls and says they are misbehaving.

Don't get me wrong. We have great kids. But, they are kids. Koala allows control with ease and the fact that I am able to deliver direct consequences creates perfect behavior modification.

Thank you Koala. I hope every parent gets to learn about you.

Susan from